wandering about JEWels Heritage

We can tell the thematic stories of historical-artistic and creative Jewish interpretation

creating heritage together


The agile learning app for visitor engagement

what can you accomplish with Muse.run

Muse.run is a digital platform designed for flexibility, allowing for different scales of content, numbers of users, devices and interfaces. Muse.run allows learning and curatorial teams to convert innovative interpretation ideas into interactive digital content. Benefiting a range of audiences to enjoy on their own devices. Muse.run is non-technical, intuitive and easy to use by museum's professionals. Implement your creativity without giving birth to a digital white elephant in this online, interactive experimental workshop.

scalability for JEWels Heritage

Muse.run is as effective for a single object exhibition as it is for a massive permanent collection or several museums; from an individual user to 5000 simultaneous players; for any browser, across all platforms on-site and online.

every one has a story to tell

With Muse.run's editable system you can develop your own digital experiences for specific target audiences including: Tailored story telling; audio-guides; competitive digital games for any number of players; treasure hunts; quizzes. Muse.run will enable your team to edit and update content themselves, developing new interactive experiences without the need for Muse.run's future involvement.

core value we bring to the project


Situated Learning experts

Implementing research study procedures in an open space by students of various ages and from unlimited subject matters. The system permits developing learning procedures through which students investigate and create individual content units. Through these procedures the student is required, on one hand, to do research suitable to his age thereby acquiring new knowledge, and on the other hand, to use and improve additional tools and skills -Unesco best mobile practice award


we have experience in Jewish story telling

From Vienna second district to To Jaffa Sporadic community , From Friedensreich Hundertwasser to Karol Korn. From contemporary art and literature to archaeological and historical cultural heritage.


The museum explored within its geographical context

A user is invited to participate in a social game exploring Jewish life, experiencing hands-on and on-site, Jewish heritage in a participatory way. By moving from one object or one location to another, the user has the chance not only to passively listen to Jewish history and heritage but also to actively perform/share/comment on his or her own history/heritage


impact and motivation

Implicitly it will impact museum culture by making it more relevant to the digital era. Relevance requires that engagement with the museum collection and story will be: Personal, Interactive, Social and Digitized. It also helps if external motivation such as gamification, collection building and sharing are added to existing exhibitions making attractive or “achievers” , “winner” and “socializers” personas.


data base and data driven

A few reaserches had been published based on our data. we know we make an impact. We help partners prove their point

Company behind Muse.run

Wandering Company is the developer of a technological system for location based interactive learning on mobile devices. Our system allows for the independent construction of content and management of a wide variety of applications, interactive maps, guidance and digital games. These applications are used in museums and visitor centres, in Israel and around the world, to create a educational tourist experience for both sporadic audiences, and organised groups of different ages and abilities. The technological platform enables museums and national parks to develop content and to present it through different gamified experiences according to their need, from the information systems that they want to transmit, to their target audience.