Create an interactive map for your visitors

Welcome to the world of  content interaction engaging your audiences. By adding gamification elements additional social motivations will attract new audiences  Your wonderful content will be integrated into a story based on an illustrates, geographical or 360 map, you will enrich it with interactive elements revealing its tacit knowledge by preforming in sitiu activities in accordance to user profile.  .

Start simple and scale up!

You have a great vision witn small budget? you have load of content but currently understaffed? You have eager audience and litte time? then start small and scale up.  start a small route and reach a map with

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Work on any device as simple as a web page

Either from home or on site your visitor will use their own device, no installation required, 100% easy access gives you the best chance to convert a short passive visit into an engaging personal, family or group activity.

Web app- why?

Extremally flexible web environment makes it a perfect tool to design the way you want to tell your story. Starting from Editing your text and media independently through choosing interaction element and up to designing your own scene scenario and elements dependencies with your own graphic design. Your digital expertise will evolve while making sure it always works!

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A click away from your visitors

No installation required . Share the link with your visitors or brand it with a unique URL. All they have to do is click It

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Authentic learning

Experimental tool kit

The core value of making a visit engaging is adding experimental elements situated at the museum. In addition to learning effects that are usually associated with experimental behavior the core reason is to make the visit remembrance and sensual. this in turn makes it clear to the visitor why was the cost of visit worth while even without meeting a human guide. we WE give a lot of attention for making sure the visitor will find the artifacts on his own , and when finding them will have an activity suitable to his profile AS a knowledge seeker (quiz,test) social (images,, comments) contributor (survey) in addition to info and tags.

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Unlimited Customization

Robust to the Core

Being a web app with a very wide range of users means total commitment to flexibility and scalability. We take into account a use scenario of specific exhibition for a limited time and a permanent collection of hundred of thousands artifacts. we can scale from one user at a time to a a thousand simulations players, you can edit from the interactive map of from data base, you can have multiple devices at hand web or mobile internet. We enable hundreds of interfaces matching the countless possible profile all that while giving you the total freedom to completely edit all content

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Allways updated

New features all the time

Technology is always changing! we do too, we have content from five years ago still working in our two times completely renewed technology. Since the structure is modular and the content is web based your user experience will keep with the pace of change without stressing out your team. we add at least five new substantial innovation every year making sure you good old story is always told the right way.

More Details

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  • Make your paper map interactive by adding a digital layer

    You invested a lot of resources in creating a navigational map. take the extra mile and make it attractive to new audiences by adding an knowledge and interaction layer

  • You already have a paper back designed activity? make more active

    You gave a lot of thought how to designs an engaging activity for visitors. sometimes it was also graphically designed why not make available to all using their mobile devices why not add a feedback system usually requiring costly human guidance

  • Gamify your story by choosing artifacts for your  visitors and weave them into a meaning full activity

    Think digitally of a new experience. Design a content based game for multipool audiences  that will lead them from one artifact to the other in either simple or complex structure in either individual or social context.

  • You might already have the text images and the audio files and lack the ability to provide more info  for your visitors?

    Now you will visually contextualize the info, add interaction and most importantly reuse all your curated info in a contextualized manner according to your visitor profile

  • The perfect activity for large scale  groups up tp 1000 players and more……

    Finding an activity that suites a very large group with minimal organizational effort in not easy. Unless you have a lot of content big facility and to integrate it all into a score orienteering content based game with about 30 content unites you can activate about 1000 visitors for about two hours

  • Attracting new families to your museum is difficult making a visit substantial is even more so!  

    As content centric platform we can offer your families a way to better their communication by giving each participant his own perspective while cooperating with each other . For each audience you will create his own activity based on the same content thus the museum will become a point of meeting for them all bringing them time and time again

  • school class and other organic group working together.

    finding a way to bond peers either at school or at work is usually process oriented rather than content oriented. In order to attract this highly paying customers and large volume you can now offer them a good narrative, collect qualitative info, enhance cooperation and competition all in a rich cultural environment.

  • these Audiences usually already at the museum are looking for you best curated info in their own language. Usually you lack space and means to providing them with your precious knowledge!  

    with muse run you can take (or create) your images and text and by adding some user oriented tags to your content oriented tags make the visit personalized and all info available in the time and palce relevant to the user. It will be a little effort to bring forward you rason de etre

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Company behind

Wandering Company is the developer of a technological system for location based interactive learning using mobile instruments. Our system allows independent construction of content and the management of a wide variety of applications, interactive maps, guidance and digital games. These applications are used in museums and in visitors’ centers, in Israel and around the world, to create a touristic-educational experience for random audiences and for organized groups of different ages and abilities. The technological platform allows museums/national parks to develop content and to present it through different game tracks according to their need, to information systems that they want to transmit, to their target audience, etc.

Our Team

Shani ZivFounder and CEO

Shani Ziv

Founder and CEO

Shani Ziv is an expert in technology based experimental learning. As   founder of Wandering he is the architect of the  technology and products currently focusing on rich content environments. Following the basic concept of never forgetting where your shade is his aim is to create authentic experience in modern technological context

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