Create an interactive map for your visitors, customizable for them, easy for you

Welcome to the world of interactive content, engaging your audiences. People are motivated by social interaction, by adding Gamification to your digital offer, you will attract new audiences.  Your content will be integrated into an image rich story. You can enrich it with interpretative layers which otherwise would be hidden from the visitor. These layers can be adapted according to different user profiles.

Start simple and scale up!

You have a great vision with small budget? You have loads of content but are currently understaffed? You have an eager audience and little time? So start small and scale up. No technical ability is required. This app is designed to be edited by your  interpretation or curatorial team.

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Unlimited customization

Robust to the core is a web app whose design intent is for flexibility and scalability: of content, of users, of devices and of interfaces. It is as effective for a single object exhibition as a massive permanent collection; from an individual user to 5000 simultaneous players; for any browser, across all platforms.

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Authentic learning

Experimental learning tool kit

The essence of a museum visit is to create a lasting experience. With this app, you can achieve this by offering your visitors tailored  “learning by doing” experiences, with the freedom of self directed learning. The app enables visitors to find objects throughout the museum and engage with them through activities specific to their visitor profile.

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A click away from your visitors

No installation required

Share the link with your visitors or brand it with a unique URL

All they have to do is click it on any device