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  • Make your paper map interactive by adding a digital layer

    You invested a lot of resources in creating a navigational map. take the extra mile and make it attractive to new audiences by adding an knowledge and interaction layer

  • You already have a paper back designed activity? make more active

    You gave a lot of thought how to designs an engaging activity for visitors. sometimes it was also graphically designed why not make available to all using their mobile devices why not add a feedback system usually requiring costly human guidance

  • Gamify your story by choosing artifacts for your  visitors and weave them into a meaning full activity

    Think digitally of a new experience. Design a content based game for multipool audiences  that will lead them from one artifact to the other in either simple or complex structure in either individual or social context.

  • You might already have the text images and the audio files and lack the ability to provide more info  for your visitors?

    Now you will visually contextualize the info, add interaction and most importantly reuse all your curated info in a contextualized manner according to your visitor profile