market segmentes

  • Making sure you arrived to the right learning spot is not technical. Making it interactive is an important feature

    Finding an activity that suites a very large group with minimal organizational effort in not easy. Unless you have a lot of content big facility and to integrate it all into a score orienteering content based game with about 30 content unites you can activate about 1000 visitors for about two hours

  • Attracting new families to your museum is difficult making a visit substantial is even more so!  

    As content centric platform we can offer your families a way to better their communication by giving each participant his own perspective while cooperating with each other . For each audience you will create his own activity based on the same content thus the museum will become a point of meeting for them all bringing them time and time again

  • school class and other organic group working together.

    finding a way to bond peers either at school or at work is usually process oriented rather than content oriented. In order to attract this highly paying customers and large volume you can now offer them a good narrative, collect qualitative info, enhance cooperation and competition all in a rich cultural environment.

  • these Audiences usually already at the museum are looking for you best curated info in their own language. Usually you lack space and means to providing them with your precious knowledge!  

    with muse run you can take (or create) your images and text and by adding some user oriented tags to your content oriented tags make the visit personalized and all info available in the time and palce relevant to the user. It will be a little effort to bring forward you rason de etre

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