• Implementing technology might require some technical and pedagogical skills. We can train you both on line meetingĀ  and on site workshop

    Enhancing the museum abilities as content creator is structured out of two layers. The first experimental leaning content requires training in interactive interpretation. Adding surveys, quizzes, missions ‘ comments is a mixture of technical possibilities and creative ideas. The second layer of curative story telling is structuring the interpretation through sense and dependency structure

  • Choosing the best configuration and structure for content interpretation is a teams work. We can help you with adjusting exactly the right interface

    We will learn the story you want to tell either from far away or at the place. from there on we can work with your teamĀ  or out source: text editing, scene design, map design, audio recording and more

  • one of the most important attributes of the system is the flexible ability to contextualize.

    By implementing a set of simpel rules and two elements you can create almost every narative you want, we can help you with both designing and implementing

  • content is the king 80% of the experience is based on local content

    we can either guide about best practices in content creation or generate it for you