Margoza cemetery Jaffa

Converting the cemetery research data, to a digital platform was unique opportunity to reuse and enhance my curation

- , Sharon Ambar, curator

Margoza cemetery is a unique spot in the heritage of the local Jewish community. The community was consisted of a heterogeneous and cosmopolitan group of locals, Jewish residents of the Ottoman empire and immigrants from very distinct communities. Their burial habits reflect this diversity and reveals the wonderful biographical stories embedded into the place.
The curative process gave us the anchors for organizing the digital activity. biographic, text oriented and visualy layered on an Arial photography where the pilars of of the project (still under construction)|

Each intriguing figure was entitlement with a special marker on an interactive map. The visitor exploring the site using the map is invited to look thoroughly on the unique encryption and decode its symbolism

The following step is integrating the digital project with the fiscal renovation using markers embedded into the on site exhibition

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