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Thanks for this incredibly educating experience. It feels great being part of a greater and creative network

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This product is a mobile learning feature; a playful and interactive visitors’ communication approach, a precise object information tool as well as a virtual collection data base. It trains the vistors’ regard for historicity and historical spaces by guiding them through the museum compound and the museum collection in two sessions. It can be challenging, and that’s the idea behind: here, learning is a personal choice. Visitors can access introductory information or they explore objects deeply and participatory. The topics of the mobile feature are introduced by “meta station cards,” explaining the rules and the procedure. They are mandatory. Subsequently, the feature plays with the three stages of completing an object-based station card: unopened, opened, completed. If visitors decide to complete the station card, they have access more activities and more information. Thus they receive traces to learn a little bit of a new language with which to complete the final station card. Otherwise, they are still provided with introductory information on the objects.

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